CSGO Skin Changer

CSGO Skinchanger program for changing skins in CS: GO. Works in competitive mode!

With Skin Changer you can change standard skins for free in CS: GO.

csgo skin changer

Agree, not everyone can afford to spend more money on the game, just to change the appearance of the weapon. Thanks to the skin skin changer program, you can easily install yourself absolutely any CS: GO skin for weapons for free.

Skin Changer Program for CS: GO is used by a huge number of players. The program is completely free and safe, you 100% do not receive VAC ban for its use. This  program for changing skins in CS: GO is  very easy to use, just select the weapon and the skin for it and the program will do the rest for you. This way you can get CS: GO skins for free.

Questions and solutions to errors Skin Changer.

How to install Skin Changer?

  1. Run the program (the first time the program is run, it will check available updates and, if possible, download them).
  2. Start the game and go to the server.
  3. Close the game, in the program, in the ‘Skin Changer’ section, press the ‘START’ button.
  4. Expand the game.
  5. Press the ‘Home’ button on the keyboard, this button can be found above the arrow buttons.
  6. After clicking the ‘Home’ button, a small window opens in front of you, where you can select weapons and any skin.

The CC program does not work: the GO changer?

1. When the update starts, does the program hang or does it give an error? Try to disable the antivirus, most likely it blocks unpacking files. Believe me, this program does not steal any data. On the Internet a huge pile of reviews.

2. When the program starts, hangs or throws an ‘Unhandled exception in the application’ error? Download the Microsoft .NET Framework and install it. Download can be here.

3. I run the game, I click on the ‘Home’ button and nothing happens? Most likely some other program blocks the ‘Home’ button. Try running the program on behalf of the Administrator (right-click and select the appropriate item).

How to remove Skin Changer?

Simply delete the folder with the program files.

Does VAC give a ban for SkinChanger in CS: GO?

No no and one more time no. There were no recorded cases of ban for this program. You absolutely do not have to worry, the program is clean.

When you use the program, you kick from MM (competitive game)?

No, he does not. You can safely use it during the MM.

Are there any skins for knives?

Of course have!

Do you need to change the skins every time you enter the game or just once?

The program remembers your last choice of skin, i.e. it is enough to install the skin one time and it will be installed automatically, but you must run the program.

If on a standard skin are pasted stickers they will be Windows on new skins?

There is no definite answer to this question, some of them are displayed, some do not. There is already as lucky.

Will other players see my installed skins?

No, they will not do. Skins are visible only to you.


What is Skin Changer?

Skins for free Replacing skins of knives Installing stickers
Using the program Skin Changer you can replace the standard skins of weapons with any other that is in the game. The ability to replace the standard knife with any other knife that is present on the STEAM trading platform. You can add any stickers to any installed skin.
Various add-ons (add-ons) Setting shaders Configure the config
Various useful add-ons for the game (for example new radar). Improved graphics, by changing the color gamut of the game. The ability to configure an automatic configuration for the game (for example, assign a purchase of a specific set of weapons to just one button).